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The loot contains rewards, coins, and some more soda.n You now open your own bar where you serve soda to patrons and hire a tavern owner. After that, you can choose one of three stores that you plan to work with: NPC Bar Chain and Hotbed of Travel n Hot Spot n NPC n Auction Bar Store n NPC Bar Chain and Bar Store n Bars n Shop with basic goods n Store with ranged artifactsn Shop with artifact armors n Shop with clothes for salen Shop for players that gives out books n Shop storagen List of artifacts added to the gamen List of legendary itemsn List of items obtained for free during various eventsn List of events, which can be obtained in this gamen List rewards which are attachedn List of types of creatures that may be present in the gamen List of monsters that hunters can be hired againstn List of locations that you can visitn List of cities you want to visitn Author's set of links to additional materialsn List of ways to contact the communityn List of main groups in the gamex List of groups participating in the description projects Game Official Site x List of Walkthrough Tips" f02ee7bd2b